Roadhouse Romance Cast

“Roadhouse Romance” is a Romance Drama movie set to release on Hallmark Channel, it follows the story of a music fan Callie who is about to continue her late grandfather’s legacy.

Hallmark’s Roadhouse Romance stars Lauren Alaina and Tyler Hynes as main casts, Roadhouse Romance also stars Sarah Edmondson, Kat Ruston, Michael Teigen, Adil Zaidi, and Rachelle Goulding.

Hallmark’s Fall Harvest release “Roadhouse Romance” is directed by Paul Ziller, he is a well-experienced director who has credit for directing over 40 feature films, MOWs, and Series episodes.

MovieRoadhouse Romance
CountryUnited States
Original NetworkHallmark Channel
Sneak Peek Hallmark’s Fall Harvest Release “Roadhouse Romance”

Roadhouse Romance Plot

The official synopsis reads “Country music fan Callie is determined to continue her late grandfather’s legacy. While TV director Luke is in town, he teaches her that sometimes it’s best to look forward instead of back.”

Roadhouse Romance Cast

Lauren AlainaCallie Jackson
Tyler HynesLuke
Kat RustonLynne
Sarah Edmondson
Michael TeigenDan Cartwright
Adil ZaidiJoe Wilkins
Rachelle GouldingJillian

Roadhouse Romance Crew

DirectorPaul Ziller
ProducersBill Haber
WriterSally Robinson
MusicSean William

Roadhouse Romance Release Date

Hallmark’s Movie “Roadhouse Romance” premiere on Saturday, September 11, 2021, 9:00 PM / 8:00c

Roadhouse Romance Trailer


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