Love’s Match Movie Cast

Love’s Match is a Canadian Romantic Movie set to release on UPtv. UPtv is a perfect place for watching family-friendly original movies, series, and specials, this time with the Romantic movie Love’s Match.

Love’s Match stars Megan Hutchings, Robin Dunne, and Kyana Teresa as main cats. The movie also stars Chris Violette, Dani Pagliarello, Daniel Keith Morrison, David Pinard, Mike Vitorovich, and Allison Basha.

The movie is directed by Virginia Abramovich, she is an award-winning director and writer, she made her directorial debut, by directing the sci-fi, love thriller Between Waves.

Canadian Romantic Film, Love’s Match Produced by Neil Bregman, and Adam Gowland. Executive Producers are, Sebastian Battro, Tom Berry, and Breanne Hartley.

Movie NameLove’s Match
DirectorVirginia Abramovich
ProducersNeil Bregman, Adam Gowland, Sebastian Battro, Tom Berry, and Breanne Hartley
WriterJason-Shane Scott
MusicAri Posner
CastingLarissa Mair
EditingLuke Sargent
Release Date29 August 2021

Love’s Match Main Cast

Megan Hutchings

Source: Instagram

Megan Hutchings as Leah Price

Robin Dunne

Image: Lisa West

Robin Dunne as Peter Beckett

Kyana Teresa

Source: Instagram

Kyana Teresa Grace Jenkins

Love’s Match Full Cast


Megan Hutchings
Leah Price

Robin Dunne
Peter Beckett

Kyana Teresa
Grace Jenkins
Cynthia JimenezHicks
Jim AnnanHal
Allison BashaKelsie
Kyle BaileyCasey
Jarred BronsteinKevin
Daniel Keith MorrisonCarter
David PinardDennis
Mike VitorovichArthur
Dani PagliarelloCharlotte
Chris VioletteMitch

Love’s Match Polt

Leah Price is the owner of the dating website Soul match, she allows rival matchmaker Peter Beckett to help her when one of her clients doesn’t find love. During the progress, they find something they weren’t expecting.

Love’s Match Release Date

The Canadian Romantic Movie Love’s Match premiere on SUNDAY AT 7:00 PM ET on UPtp.

No time to waiting to, watch this romantic movie on UPtv.

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