A Safari Romance

A Safari Romance is a hallmark romance movie set to release on the hallmark channel on August 12, 2023. Stars Andrew W. Walker and Brittany Bristow. Let’s have a look at the details of the movie cast, plot, release date, and trailer.

The 44 years old Canadian actor Andrew W. Walker is united with Brittany Bristow, who is also from Canada and is known for Holiday Date (2019), The Marijuana Conspiracy (2020), and Blizzard (2003).

A Safari Romance follows wildlife biologist Tim Ericson, who is working in favor of the protection of wildlife in Africa. and Megan Henry, who is a theme park designer who wants to create an over-the-top safari attraction.

Leif Bristow directs the movie from the script by Agnes Bristow. A Safari Romance was produced by Agnes Bristow, Borga Dorter, and Luke Rous. Executive Producers are, Leif Bristow, Rick Garman, Michael A. McLaughlin, and Joshua Rous.

A Safari Romance Cast & Crew

MovieA Safari Romance
DirectorLeif Bristow
WriterAgnes Bristow
ProducersAgnes Bristow, Borga Dorter, Luke Rous
Executive ProducersLeif Bristow, Rick Garman, Joshua Rous, Michael A. McLaughlin
CastAndrew W. Walker and Brittany Bristow
CinematographyRuss Goozee
MusicJames Mark Stewart
EditingPaul Whitehead
Country of OriginUnited States
Original LanguageEnglish
Release DateAugust 12, 2023
Original NetworkHallmark

A Safari Romance Plot

The official synopsis reads “A wildlife biologist working on fostering the protection of wildlife in Africa is forced to team up with a theme park designer who wants to create an over-the-top safari attraction”

A Safari Romance Full Cast List

  • Andrew W. Walker as Tim Ericson
  • Brittany Bristow as Megan Henry

Andrew W. Walker as Tim Ericson

Andrew W. Walker
Andrew W. Walker

The Canadian actor and producer debuted Jean Pellerin-directed movie Laserhawk in 1997. He was born on June 9, 1979, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is familiar to Hallmark Channel viewers, as he appeared in more than 20 movies. His hallmark movie collections include My Christmas Family Tree, The Perfect Catch, A Dream of Christmas, and Love Struck Café.

Andrew W. Walker most recently appeared in Three Wise Men and a Baby, which premiered last year, and Maple Valley Christmas.

Andrew W. Walker is also known for producing Brian Gottlieb-directed Sci-Fi Thriller Oxalis and Thymaya Payne directed Crime Adventure Stolen Seas.

Brittany Bristow as Megan Henry

Brittany Bristow
Brittany Bristow

Brittany Bristow is known for the movies Holiday Date, The Marijuana Conspiracy, Blizzard, and Kiss and Cry. She recently starred in Hallmark’s TV movies A Tail of Love, and Home for a Royal Heart, and TV Series Hearts of Stars, and The Love Club.

Her upcoming projects include, as Megan Henry in Hallmark’s A Safari Romance, Amber Gibson in Just Jake, and Caitlin Benton directed Sci-Fi short Autopsy: Project S.A.M.

33 years old Brittany Bristow was born in Ontario, Canada, she started acting at the age of six a recognizable face within the romance genre having almost fifty credits under her belt. She is also a producer, writer, and co-creator.

A Safari Romance Release Date/ Where to Watch

Hallmark Channels A Safari Romance is scheduled to release on Saturday, August 12 8/7c. Watch the movie on Hallmark Channel.


A Safari Romance Trailer


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