Best Sniper Movies On Netflix

Best Sniper Movies On Netflix

Hi, there if you are searching for the best Sniper Movies on Netflix then look no further we have the best list of 10 Sniper Movies on Netflix running now. Netflix is an OTT platform that serves a huge collection of movies, series, and Netflix original programs. It’s a subscription-based service so you have to take a subscription at least for a month or more to watch these killer movies or other content from Netflix.

I assume that you already have your subscription and now you are on a look at the best list of the sniper movies to watch on a priority based. All these epic movies are worth watching with full of action sequences and movie snipers who are known for deadly sniper shots.

01, Sniper Ultimate Kill(2017)

Sniper Ultimate Kill released in 2017 is the first film in our list of Best Sniper Movies Streaming on Netflix. Sniper Ultimate Kill is an American Thriller Action movie and it is the sequel to Sniper Ghost shooter released in 2016. This is one of the best movies in this sniper series with a good storyline. The main actor CM Collins fit very well in his role as Brandon Beckett and Danay Garcia’s powerful acting is much appreciated in this installment.

A most dangerous Columbian drug mafia King Jesus Morales takes the control of the smuggling routes to the United States by recruiting a deadly sniper named El Diablo. A team of Drug Enforcement Administration agents including Master Sergeant Brandon Beckett, Major Richard Miller, Master Gunnery Sergeant Tom Beckett, and Kate Estrada is appointed and sent to Columbia. The Marine Sniper team starts the necessary to stop the drug kingpin and his team.

Sniper Ultimate Kill Poster

Sniper Ultimate Kill Poster

Sniper Ultimate Kill Details

Movie NameSniper Ultimate Kill
DirectorClaudio Fäh
ProducerDavid Zelon
WritersChris Hauty
EditingAdam Recht
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreAction, Thriller, US Movies
Running Time1 Hour 30 Minutes
Release DateOctober 3, 2017
IMDb Rating5.6/10

Sniper Ultimate Kill Cast

Chad Michael CollinsBrandon Beckett
Billy ZaneRichard Miller
Tom BerengerTom Beckett
Danay GarcíaKate Estrada
Joe LandoJohn Samson
Juan Sebastián CaleroJesus Morales
Diana HoyosMaria Ramos
Jaime CorreaFather Garcia
Luis Alfredo VelazcoCaptain Garza
Andres Felipe CaleroEnrique

Sniper Ultimate Kill Trailer

02, Sniper Ghost Shooter(2016)

Sniper Ghost Shooter is one of the best sniper movies having lots of good action sequences. The movie was directed by Don Michael Paul with a sound storyline. This American thriller action movie was released in 2016 as a sequel to the 2014 release ‘Sniper: Legacy’, as the fifth installment of the Sniper Series.

The snipers Richard Miller, and Brandon Beckett are deployed to the Georgian gas pipeline field to protect it from the most deadly terrorist snipers. Things get worst when a security breach is expected, and the sniper squad is targeted by a ghost sniper named Ravshan Gazakov, who knows their location very well.

Sniper Ghost Shooter Poster

Sniper Ghost Shooter Poster

Sniper Ghost Shooter Details

Movie NameSniper Ghost Shooter
DirectorDon Michael Paul
ProducersJeffery Beach, Phillip J. Roth
WritersChris Hauty
EditingCameron Hallenbeck, Michael Kuge
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreAction, Thriller
Running Time1 Hour 39 Minutes
Release DateAugust 2, 2016
IMDb Rating5.4/10

Sniper Ghost Shooter Cast

Chad Michael CollinsBrandon Beckett
Dennis HaysbertColonel
Billy ZaneRichard Miller
Nick GomezMiguel Cervantes
Ravil IsyanovAndrei Mashkov
Dominic MafhamGuy Bidwell
Navid NeghabanRobert Mothershed
Vladimir KolevSergei Babayev
Tihomir VinchevMilitant Spotter
Mike StraubMaines

Sniper Ghost Shooter Trailer

03, Extraction(2020)

Extraction is one of the most-watched Netflix Original Action Thriller films in the history of Netflix. This movie is the directorial debut of the director Sam Hargrave, who was a stunt coordinator and stunt actor before being a Director. Extraction is full of action sequenced, well-edited, neatly choreographed, and beautifully shooted Action Blockbuster, you will definitely like this one if you love action thrillers.

An Australian black market mercenary Tyler Rake(Chris Hemsworth) on a rescue mission. The son of an Indian Drug Mafia King was kidnapped by corrupted police officers working for a rival drug group and kept in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Tyler Rake is enlisted for this extremely difficult extraction mission. Things go wrong when he is betrayed.

Extraction Poster

Extraction Poster

Extraction Details

Movie NameExtraction
DirectorSam Hargrave
ProducersJoe Russo, Peter Schwern, Eric Gitter, Chris Hemsworth, Mike Larocca, Anthony Russo
EditingRuthie Aslan, Peter B. Ellis
WritersAnde Parks, Anthony Russo(story), Joe Russo(screenplay)
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreAction, Thriller
Running Time1 Hour 56 Minutes
Release DateApril 24, 2020
IMDb Rating6.7/10

Extraction Cast

Chris HemsworthTyler Rake
Randeep HoodaSaju Rav
Rudhraksh JaiswalOvi Mahajan Jr
Golshifteh FarahaniNik Khan,
David HarbourGaspar
Pankaj Tripathi Ovi Mahajan Sr
Priyanshu PainyuliAmir Asif
Shataf FigarBajlur Rashid
Neha MahajanNeysa Rav
Sam HargraveGaetan

Extraction Trailer

04, Act of Valor(2012)

Act of Valor is a Heart-pounding movie that literally takes you to the edge of your seat. This movie is full of feel-good action sequences, having a solid storyline. You can watch this sniper movie without getting bored. Act of Valor is co-directed by Mike McCoy, and Scott Waugh starring Roselyn Sánchez, Alex Veadov, Nestor Serrano, and Emilio Rivera.

Somewhere in Costa Rica, The CIA officers Lisa Morales and Walter Ross target the smuggler named Christo, Christo’s team eliminates Walter Ross and takes Lisa Morales to imprisonment and torture. A SEAL Squad is deployed to Costa Rica to rescue CIA agent Lisa Morales.

Act of Valor Poster

Act of Valor Details

Movie NameAct of Valor
DirectorMike McCoy
ProducersMike McCoy, Scott Waugh
EditingMichael Tronick, Scott Waugh
WritersKurt Johnstad
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreThriller, Action
Running Time1 Hour 50 Minutes
Release DateFebruary 24, 2012
IMDb Rating6.5/10

Act of Valor Cast

Jason CottleMohammad Abu Shabal
Derrick Van OrdenOtto Miller
Roselyn SánchezLisa Morales
Alex VeadovChristo
Nestor SerranoWalter Ross
Emilio RiveraSanchez
Thomas Rosales, Jr.Christo’s RHM
Antoni CoroneYacht Henchman
Gonzalo MenendezPedros
Duncan SmithCaptain Duncan Smith

Act of Valor Trailer

05, The Bourne Identity(2002)

Sniper The Bourne Identity

The fifth movie in our list of best sniper movies on Netflix we have an action thriller released in 2002 “The Bourne Identity”. The movie is inspired by Robert Ludlum’s novel released in 1980 by the same name. The Bourne Identity was directed and co-produced by Doug Liman, starring Matt Damon, Chris Cooper, Clive Owen, and Clive Owen.

The movie follows Jason Bourne a man with advanced fighting and linguistic skills, who finds he has no memory and lost his own identity, and suffering from Amnesia. He is in a desperate search of his identity, in the middle of assassins.

The Bourne Identity Poster

The Bourne Identity Details

Movie NameThe Bourne Identity
DirectorDoug Liman
ProducersDoug Liman, Patrick Crowley, Richard N. Gladstein
EditingSaar Klein
WritersTony Gilroy, William Blake Herron
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreAction, Thriller
Running Time1 Hour 59 Minutes
Release DateJune 14, 2002
IMDb Rating7.9/10

The Bourne Identity Cast

Matt DamonJason Bourne
Franka PotenteMarie Kreutz
Chris CooperAlexander Conklin
Clive OwenProfessor
Brian CoxWard Abbott
Gabriel MannDanny Zorn
Julia StilesNicky Parsons
Tim DuttonEamon
Vincent FranklinRawlins
Adewale Akinnuoye-AgbajeNykwana Wombosi

Wrapp Up(Best Sniper Movies On Netflix)

Apart from above mentioned best sniper movies streaming on Netflix, we have more epic movies that come in the category of Sniper Movies including American Sniper, Shooter, The Day of Jackal. If you like to read about these movies pls refer to the article Top 10 Sniper Movies You Can’t-Miss.

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