Top 10 Sniper Movies

Top 10 Sniper Movies

If you are reading this article you definitely love the best Sniper Movies. While watching the top sniper movies we people are always wondering that how can a man be such a dam shooter. We have seen deadly movie snipers such as Bob lee Swagger in Shooter(2007), the Jackal in The Day of the Jackal(1973), and Vasily Zaitsev in the movie Enemy at the Gates(2001).

We here listed the Top 10 Sniper Movies You Can’t-Miss to watch if you are really a Sniper movie lover. All these movies are amazing thrillers and definitely make you sit at the edges of the seat and think about how it is possible to shoot this much accurately with a rifle.

10, The Wall(2017)

The Thriller War film ‘The Wall’ is directed by Doug Liman, known for the films Swingers, Go, and Edge of Tomorrow. Released in 2017, the movie follows two American Army officers, Sergeant Allen and Staff Sergeant Shane Matthew who were trapped on the battlefield by an Iraqideadly sniper.

The movie hit on the Boxoffice on May 12, 2017, and grossed $4.5 million against the budget of $3 million.

In the Iraqi desert, the two American soldiers are sent to investigate the pipeline construction area. After watching over 22 hours the two soldiers are confirmed that the pipeline is secure. Staff Sergeant Shane Matthew stands and proceeds to the pipeline. Hidden Iraqi sniper Juba shoots Shane Mathews, Sergent Allen moves towards Mathews to rescue him, Allen also got sniper shot at his knee.

The wounded Allen cover behind an unsteady wall made up of bricks and tries to recover his radio damaged during the shooting. The Iraqi Sniper tunes the American Channel and pretends as an American officer and communicates with Allen to get useful information.

Is the two American Army officers are able to save themselves from this deadly Iraqi Sniper!

The Wall Poster
Movie NameThe Wall
DirectorDoug Liman
ProducersDave Bartis
WriterDwain Worrell
EditingJulia Bloch
Production CompaniesBig Indie Pictures, Picrow, Amazon Studios
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreThriller, Drama, Action
Running Time1 Hour 28 Minutes
Release DateMay 12, 2017
IMDb Rating6.210
Aaron Taylor-JohnsonIsaac
John CenaMatthews
Laith NakliJuba

09, Jack Reacher(2012)

Jack Reacher is a significant action thriller that has full of fun actions throughout the movie with the Charismatic performance by Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. Christopher McQuarrie directed movie hit the box office on December 21, 2012

A sniper shooting occurs on the riverside of an ordinary town and the shooter assassinates five people before driving off. After the investigation headed by officer Calvin Emerson, the evidence points to one person the US former Army officer Mr. James Barr.

During the interrogation, the suspect James Barr takes a notepad and writes one statement “Get Jack Reacher”.

The former military officer Jack Reacher arrives in Pittsburgh to meet the shooting suspect, but the investigating officer denied seeing the evidence against James Barr but agree to let the Reacher meet Barr.

The more Reacher digs deeper into the case the less clear-cut it appears. Watch How Reacher solves this puzzle.

Jack Reacher Poster
Movie NameJack Reacher
DirectorChristopher McQuarrie
ProducersTom Cruise, Paula Wagner, Don Granger, Gary Levinsohn
WritersLee Child, Christopher McQuarrie
EditingKevin Stitt
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreThriller, Action
Running time2 Hour 10 Minutes
Release DateDecember 10, 2012
IMDb Rating7.0/10
Tom CruiseReacher
Richard JenkinsRodin
David OyelowoEmerson
Michael RaymondLinsky
Josh HelmanJeb
Rosamund PikeHelen
Werner HerzogThe Zec
Jai CourtneyCharlie
Joseph SikoraBarr
Alexia FastSandy

08, The Hurt Locker(2008)

The Hurt Locker is a full-tilt war thriller movie directed by Kathryn Bigelow, stars Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty, Evangeline Lilly, Ralph Fiennes, David Morse, and Guy Pearce. If you are looking for a ferociously suspenseful war movie then this is for you.

It follows the story of the American Bomb disposal Team deployed on Bagdad, Iraqi Warfield, the brave, crazy, and the best soldiers who are targeted by the rebel forces, and the stress they have to face during the combat.

The Hurt Locker Poster
Movie NameThe Hurt Locker
DirectorKathryn Bigelow
ProducersKathryn Bigelow, Nicolas Chartier, Greg Shapiro, Mark Boal
WriterMark Boal
EditingChris Innis, Bob Murawski
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreAction, Thriller
Running Time2 Hour 11 Minutes
Release DateJune 26, 2009
IMDb Rating7.5/10
Jeremy RennerWilliam James
Anthony MackieJ. T. Sanborn
Brian GeraghtyOwen Eldridge
Evangeline LillyConnie James
Ralph FiennesMilitary Company Leader
David MorseReed
Guy PearceMatthew Thompson
Suhail Dabbachsuicide bomber
Sam SpruellCharlie
Sam SpruellCharlie

07, Saving Private Ryan(1998)

If you are not seen this epic war classic movie included in our list of the top 10 sniper movies It’s really a big miss to you. Saving Private Ryan is a visual masterpiece of Steven Spielberg, with full of audacious and heart-pounding thriller action sequences. It stars Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, Matt Damon, and Tom Sizemore.

Saving Private Ryan follows John H. Miller (US Army Captain) and his Team who are in a search for Ryan(Private First Class) he is the last surviving brother trapped on the battlefield. Rayan’s three brothers have been killed during the war and he is the last surviving brother.

Saving Private Ryan Poster
Saving Private Ryan Poster
Movie NameSaving Private Ryan
DirectorSteven Spielberg
ProducersSteven Spielberg, Mark Gordon, Ian Bryce, Gary Levinsohn
WriterRobert Rodat
EditingMichael Kahn
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreWar, Action, Thriller
Running Time2 Hours 49 Minutes
Release DateJuly 24, 1998
IMDb Rating8.6/10
Saving Private Ryan Details
Tom HanksCaptain John H. Miller
Edward BurnsPrivate First Class Richard Reiben
Matt DamonPrivate First Class James Francis Ryan
Tom SizemoreTechnical Sergeant Mike Horvath
Jeremy DaviesCorporal Timothy Upham
Vin DieselPrivate First Class Adrian Caparzo
Adam GoldbergPrivate Stanley “Fish” Mellish
Barry PepperPrivate Daniel Jackson
Dennis FarinaLieutenant Colonel Walter Anderson
Ted DansonCaptain Fred Hamill
Saving Private Ryan Cast
Saving Private Ryan Trailer

06, Phone Booth(2002)

Phone Booth is Joel Schumacher directed thriller sniper movie released in 2002, starring Colin Farrell, Forest Whitaker, and Forest Whitaker. The movie follows Stuart Shepard a selfish and dishonest publicist who becomes trapped in a phone booth by a trained sniper and starts threatening his life.

Phone Booth Poster
Phone Booth Poster
Movie Name Phone Booth
DirectorJoel Schumacher
ProducersDavid Zucker, Gil Netter
WriterGil Netter
EditingMark Stevens
Country of OriginUnited States
Releasing DateApril 4, 2003
Running Time1 Hour 21 Minutes
IMDb Rating7/10
Phone Booth Details
Colin FarrellStuart Shepard
Kiefer SutherlandThe Caller, Sniper
Katie HolmesPamela McFadden
Forest WhitakerCaptain Ed Ramey
Paula Jai ParkerFelicia
Radha MitchellKelly Shepard
John Enos IIILeon
Tia TexadaAsia
Keith NobbsAdam
Richard T. JonesSergeant Jonah Cole
Phone Booth Cast
Phone Booth Trailer

05, Jarhead(2005)

Jarhead a Sam Mendes directed movie follows the story of a US Marine sniper Anthony Swofford who is trained under a callous trailer. Staff Sergeant Sykes notices his skills and invited him to attend the sniper course. Upon completion, he is deployed in the Gulf War.

The war movie shows the isolation, boredom, and uncertainty the snipers have to face each day and the psychological effects of the war on the marine snipers.

Jarhead Poster
Jarhead Poster
Movie NameJarhead
DirectorSam Mendes
ProducersDouglas Wick, Lucy Fisher
WritersWilliam Broyles Jr, Anthony Swofford
EditorWalter Murch
Country of OriginUnited States
Releasing DateNovember 4, 2005
Running Time2 Hours 5 Minutes
IMDb Rating7/10
Jarhead Details
Jake GyllenhaalAnthony Swofford
Scott MacDonaldD.I. Fitch
Jamie FoxxSgt. Sykes
Peter SarsgaardAlan Troy
Brian GeraghtyFergus O’Donnell
Lucas BlackChris Kruger
Jacob VargasJuan Cortez
Laz AlonsoRamon Escobar
Chris CooperKazinski
Evan JonesDave Fowler
Jarhead Cast
Jarhead Trailer

04, Shooter(2007)

Have you seen the shooting sequence of the film Shooter, if not you really missed this sniper shooter, GySgt Bob Lee Swagger is an internally tormented ex-military sharpshooter, get set up by RAW Govt agent. The ex-military officer gets into action once again by the high govt authorities to help them to prevent a plot against the President of the US. Meanwhile, he was targeted for murder. How he seeks his revenge against this betrayal? Watch this interesting movie.

This thriller marine sniper movie is released on March 23, 2007, directed by Antoine Fuqua starring Mark Wahlberg as the sniper shooter Bob Lee Swagger.

Shooter Poster
Movie NameShooter
DirectorAntoine Fuqua
ProducersLorenzo di Bonaventura
WritersJonathan Lemkin
EditingConrad Buff
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreThriller, Action
Releasing DateMarch 23, 2007
Running Time2 Hours 4 Minutes
IMDb Rating7.2/10
Shooter Details
Mark WahlbergBob Lee Swagger
Michael PeñaNick Memphis
Kate MaraSarah Fenn
Danny GloverIsaac Johnson
Rhona MitraAlourdes Galindo
Elias KoteasJack Payne
Justin LouisHoward Purnell
Jonathan WalkerLouis Dobbler
Rade SherbedgiaMikhayo Sczerbiak
Tate DonovanRuss Turner
Shooter Cast
Shooter Trailer

03, The Day Of The Jackal(1973)

The Day Of The Jackal is a classic political thriller movie that received BAFTA Award for Best Editing and one Oscar nomination. The Fred Zinnemann directed movie stars, Edward Fox, as Jackal, the pro-Assasin engage to kill the French President Charles de Gaulle.

An underground military organization hires “The Jackal” to kill the French President, At the same time, a native detective(lebel) from Pars takes the responsibility to unsolve the mystery behind the deadly sharpshooter Assasin(The Jackal) Identity to stop this hitman from his mission.

The Day Of The Jackal Poster
The Day Of The Jackal Poster
Movie NameThe Day Of The Jackal
DirectorFred Zinnemann
ProducersJohn Woolf
WritersKenneth Ross, Frederick Forsyth
EditingRalph Kemplen
Country of OriginUnited States
Releasing Date16 May 1973
Running Time2 Hours 23 Minutes
IMDb Rating7.8/10
The Day Of The Jackal Details
Edward FoxThe Jackal
Michael LonsdaleClaude Lebel
Michel AuclairColonel Rolland
Terence AlexanderLloyd
Derek JacobiCaron
Tony BrittonBrian Thomas
Cyril CusackGunsmith
Denis CareyCasson
Delphine SeyrigColette de Montpellier
Maurice DenhamColbert
The Day Of The Jackal Cast
The Day Of The Jackal Trailer

02, Enemy At The Gates(2001)

The second movie in our list of Top 10 Sniper Movies is Enemy At The Gates. This is a thriller war film based on the famous Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad, written by William Craig.

The story follows a superhero sniper of the USSR during world war 2. It is an epic action between two snipers a german and a Russian Sniper in the background of the Stalingrad War. During the war, Nazi commands bring their most qualified sniper (Ed Harris) to shoot down the Russian Sniper Hero Vasily Zaitsev.

Enemy At The Gates Poster
Enemy At The Gates Poster
Movie Name Enemy At The Gates
DirectorJean Jacques Annaud
ProducersJean Jacques Annaud
WritersJean-Jacques Annaud, Alain Godard
EditingHumphrey Dixon
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreWar, Thriller
Release DateMarch 16, 2001
Running Time2 Hours 11 Minutes
IMDb Rating7.6/10
Enemy At The Gates Details
Joseph FiennesDanilov
Jude LawVasily Zaitsev
Rachel WeiszTania Chernova
Bob HoskinsNikita Khrushchev
Ed HarrisErwin König
Eva MattesFilippova
Ron PerlmanKoulikov
Enemy At The Gates Cast
Enemy At The Gates Trailer

01, American Sniper(2014)

The first film in our list of Top 10 Sniper Movies we have one of the best war drama films”American Sniper” released in 2014. This film is based on the work of Chris Kyle “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History”.

The film is based on the true-life of Kyle one of the deadliest sniper shooters in the history of the US Military. He saves countless lives on the battlefield using his deadly shooting skill during his four tours in the Iraqi War and turns into a legend of the battlefields.

American Sniper Poster
American Sniper Poster
Movie NameAmerican Sniper
DirectorClint Eastwood
ProducersClint Eastwood, Robert Lorenz, Peter Morgan, Bradley Cooper, Andrew Lazar
WritersChris Kyle, Jim DeFelice, Scott McEwen
EditingGary D. Roach, Joel Cox
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreWar, Thriller
Releasing dateDecember 25, 2014
Running Time2 Hours 13 Minutes
IMDb Rating7.3/10
American Sniper Details
Bradley CooperChris Kyle
Sienna MillerTaya Kyle
Luke GrimesMarc Lee
Cory HardrictDandridge
Jake McDormanRyan
Keir O’DonnellJeff Kyle
Navid NegahbanSheikh Al-Obodi
Sam JaegerMartens
Kyle GallnerGoat-Winston
Sammy SheikMustafa
American Sniper Cast
American Sniper Trailer

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