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Hello, Reader! Looking for the Best Dirt Bike Movies in order? Look no further then, I have listed the 7 amazing Dirt Bike Movies here.

What is Dirt Biking or Motocross?

As you know It is a form of sport which is evolved from motorcycle trials competitions held in the UK. Dirt Biking is a form of off-road motorcycle racing held in an enclosed area or off-road circuits.

In a hurry! Ok, let’s check the list without any further delay. Here I listed all the best Dirt Bike Movies in the order of Release Date ( The Latest released comes first).

1, This is Moto

Release Date: September 12, 2019

This is Moto 2019

This is Moto is the story of 8 top motocross riders, they have their own unique story to tell, the stories of 8 top motocross riders self-expression, success, heartbreak, and life-threatening injuries.

This is Moto is the epic example of incredibly good storytelling, personality, and state-of-the-art cinematography, the movie also reveals the actual lifestyle of riders.

DirectorJason Plough, Dominick Russo
StarsZach Osborne, Dean Wilson, Cody Webb, Tom Parsons, Vicki Golden, Todd Waters, Dereck Beckering, Daxton Bennick
ProductionThe Moto Co
IMDb Rating
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2, Bennett’s War

Release Date: August 30, 2019

Bennett’s War is the second movie on our list of best dirt bike movies, this most thrilling motocross movie tells the awesome story of a military veteran who turned a competitive motocross racing.

The young soldier Marshall Bennett (Michael Roark) survived an overseas IED explosion in combat. After the worst accident, he was discharged from the hospital with a broken leg and back. After return to home, he reads that Cal Bennett (Trace Adkins) his dad is behind on the mortgage and may lose the farm. The only way he can do to earn enough money to helps his family is to train for motocross racing.

DirectorAlex Ranarivelo
StarsMichael Roark, Allison Paige, Brando Eaton, and Ali Afshar.
ProductionESX Entertainment
WriterAlex Ranarivelo
IMDb Rating5.9/10
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3, Moto 9: The Movie

Release Date: 2017

Moto 9: The Movie

The third one on our list is the 9th edition of the moto series Moto 9 The movie, I included this movie in our list is because this movie brings a high level of excitement and anticipation, is showcase the incredible dirt biking locations in the world, landscapes, and as well as biking equipment.

Moto 9 The Movie showcase the world-class motocross riders including
Jason Anderson, Blake Baggett, and Ryan Dungey

The energy of the riders keeps going throughout the movie. It is worth watching this movie with close-ups, slow-motion sequences, accompanied by high-energy music.

DirectorTaylor Congdon
StarsJason Anderson, Blake Baggett, Ryan Dungey
Production The Moto Co.
IMDb Rating
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4, Dust to Glory

Release Date: April 1, 2005

dust to glory

The fourth movie on our list of best dirt bike movies is Dust to glory, directed by Dana Brown, is a documentary about the famous Baja 1000 off-road race. It is the most prestigious off-road race in the world hosted in Mexico, attracting competitors from all over the world. The event Baja 1000 allows various types of vehicle classes including motorcycles.

This is one of the most entertaining and informative films that unveils the off-road racing event Baja 1000. Only the best out of the best can even think about completing this race.

DirectorDana Brown
StarsMario Andretti, Sal Fish, Jimmy Vasser, Mike McCoy, Robby Gordon, J.N. Roberts, Larry Roeseler
Produced byMike McCoy and Scott Waugh
WriterDana Brown
IMDb Rating7.5/10
Dust to Glory Preview

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5, Supercross

Release Date: August 17, 2005

This is the story of two brothers competing for the motocross title, If you have a love for brotherhood and dirt biking you have to don’t miss this worth watch movie.

After the suspicious death of their father, the brothers K.C. Carlyle and Trip Carlyle the two incredible dirt bikers compete in a supercross championship. K.C Carlyle left behind her brother Trip when he get a lucrative deal on a factory team. But when an accident disables Trip, the brothers resolve their differences with each other. In the end, KC wins the supercross championship with the help of Trip.

DirectorSteve Boyum
StarsSteve Howey, Mike Vogel, Sophia Bush, Cameron Richardson, Channing Tatum
ProductionTag Entertainment
WriterBart Baker
IMDb Rating4.3/10
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6, Motocross Kids

Release Date: 31 January 2004

The family entertainment movie Motocross Kids directed by Richard Gabai tells the story of a motocross coach and his daughter who need to win the championship.

This is not the film having an epic motocross showcase, but it is the one film that offers entertainment to the kids those love dirt bike sport.

DirectorRichard Gabai
StarsLorenzo Lamas, Alana Austin, Dan Haggerty, Robert Thomas Preston, Josh Hutcherson, Alexa Nikolas, Evan Marriott
WriterMichael Gannon
IMDb Rating3.9/10

7, Motocrossed

Release Date: February 16, 2001

The last one in our list of dirt bike movies we have one of the famous Disney channel motocross movie about a girl(Andrea Carson) who loves dirt biking, but her father finds her unsuited for motocross sport.

Her father moves to Europe to find a replacement rider when Andrea’s brother dislocated his knee before the forthcoming race. Andrea races in place of his brother with the help of her mother. The movie is based on William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

DirectorSteve Boyum
StarsAlana Austin, Riley Smith, Mary-Margaret Humes, Trever O’Brien
ProductionFilm Roman
WriterAnn Austen, Douglas Sloan
Motocrossed Preview

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