Sorority Sister Killer Movie Cast

Sorority Sister Killer Cast: Sorority Sister Killer is an American thriller movie directed by Tom Shell, written by Chris Sivertson starring Sarah Fisher, Rene Ashton, and Triana Browne in lead roles.

Sorority Sister Killer movie tells the story of a college freshman who was accused of murdering her friend.

How she proves her innocence? watch the movie.

This thriller was released in 16 May, 2021.

Here is the list of full cast and crew Sorority Sister Killer.

Sorority Sister Killer Movie Cast and Crew

Movie NameSorority Sister Killer
DirectorTom Shell
WriterChris Sivertson
StarsRene Ashton, Sarah Fisher, Tyler lain, Triana Browne, Paige Kriet, Christy Tate, Grace Montie, Brooks Ryan, etc.
IMDB Rating5.8/10
Sorority Sister Killer Movie Cast

Sorority Sister Killer Movie Casts and Characters they played

  • Sarah Fisher as Lacey Montgomery
  • Rene Ashton as Britney Wyles
  • Triana Browne as Rachael
  • Paige Kriet as Tara George
  • Christy Tate as Lana
  • Grace Montie as Katy
  • Brooks Ryan as Detective Cross
  • Lani Randol as Courtney
  • Tyler Lain as Lex
  • Carolyn Grundman as Ella
  • Brylee Russel as Tiffany
  • Angela Baumgardner as Jennifer George
  • Sabreena Imran as Fuller
  • Katie Fairbanks as Kappa Sister

Sorority Sister Killer Movie Actors with Instagram Profiles

Sarah Fisher

Rene Ashton

Triana Browne

Paige Kriet

Christy Tate

Grace Montie

Lani Randol

Tyler Lain

Carolyn Grundman

Angela Baumgardner

Katie Fairbanks

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