Deadly Misconduct Movie Cast

Deadly Misconduct Movie Cast: Deadly Misconduct is an American Thriller Movie that premiered on lifetime. The movie was directed by Nadeem Soumah, produced by Atkin Krkis and Anoop Rangi, starring Britt Allen, Lorri Bohnert, and Mary C Bruce in lead roles.

Synopsis: A rising prosecutor spends one night at a rival attorney’s home. The next morning who is found murdered. Things get worse after this incidence.

What happens to Annie(Prosecutor) after the cold-blooded murder, watch the movie on lifetime.

Deadly Misconduct Cast and Crew

MovieDeadly Misconduct
Nadeem Soumah
WriterNaomi L. Selfman
ProducersAtkin Korkis, Anoop Rangi
StarsBritt Allen, Lorri Bohnert, and Mary C Bruce

Deadly Misconduct Actors Cast And Characters They Played

  • Britt Allen as Josie Fellows
  • Lorri Bohnert as Court Stenographer
  • Mary C. Bruce as Fundraiser Patron
  • Anna Mary Dobbins as Annie Sagan
  • Sidney Flack as Judge Miller
  • Connie Franklin as Jackie
  • Michael Gibbons as Police chief
  • Larry Golden Sr. as Guest Patron
  • Niesha Renee Guilbot as Crystal
  • Johny Horn as Mr. Halley
  • Steve Maddox as Judge King
  • Louis Mandylor as Doug Larson
  • Cheryl McConnell as Reporter
  • Amanda Pearce as Cofee Shop Patron
  • Drew Pollock as Judge Carson
  • Colt Prattes as Mark
  • Ben Richardson as Tennis Instructor
  • Raymond Roberts as Tony
  • David C Tam as Press Photographer
  • Aarika Trabona as Danielle
  • April Warren as Courtroom Attendee
  • Nisha Washington as Cofee shop Patron
  • Bryan Whorton as Mitch Warner
  • Barbie Bailey as Lady in Cofee Shop
  • Daniel Fortman as Reporter
  • Lena Harmon as Press Reporter

Deadly Misconduct Actors with Instagram Profiles

Mary C. Bruce

Anna Mary Dobbins

Sidney Flack

Connie Franklin

Larry Golden Sr

Niesha Renee Guilbot

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