Yaaradi Nee Mohini Cast

Yaaradi Nee Mohini Cast: Yaaradi Nee Mohini is a Tamil Superhit Supernatural Thriller serial broadcasting on Zee Tamil and streaming on Zee5. The show was directed by, N. Priyan, produced by, S. Sabreesh Kumar, starring Shreekumar, Nachathira, and Chaitra Reddy in lead roles.

Yaaradi Nee Mohini was first Premiered on 24 April 2017 and the show is still running successfully. It is the first Tamil serial that contains over a thousand episodes.

Let’s get into the details of the serial Yaaradi Nee Mohini.

Serial NameYaaradi Nee Mohini
ProducerN. Priyan
DirectorS. Sabreesh Kumar
Writer E Ashokan, M.R Ponn Ilango
BroadcastingZee Tamil
Streaming onZee5
Running Time20 Minutes
Release Date24 April 2017

Yaaradi Nee Mohini Tamil Serial Full Cast

  • Shreekumar as Mutharasan
  • Nachathira as Vennila
  • Chaitra Reddy as Swetha
  • Fathima Babu as Neelambari
  • Bharath as Marudhu
  • Vinitha as Kalai
  • Minnal Deepa as Poongodhai
  • Aravind Khathare as Janani
  • Surjit Ansari as Gowtham
  • Bavithran as Karthik
  • Dhanalaxmi as Simran
  • Janithra as Ruthra/Uthra
  • Manikandaraj Major as Veera
  • Vijay Lokesh as Gokula Krishnan

Yaaradi Nee Mohini Story

Yaaradi Nee Mohini tells a Super Natural Thriller Story, the serial depicts the story of Mutharasan. Mutharasan is the grandson of a landlord, he is kind-hearted, rich, and helpful.

After his mother’s death, his father Thanikachalam marries another woman, Neelambari. His cousin Vennila wants to marry him.

To capture the property Neelambari plots a plan to kill Mutharasan. She wishes to acquire the property of Mutharasan’s father by killing Mutharasan. The spirit of Chithra(Mutharasan’s First Wife) spoils the evil plans of Neelambari.

Watch the serial on Zee5 to learn how the show progress.

Yaaradi Nee Mohini Actors Cast:

1, Shreekumar


Role: Lead Role, Shreekumar as Mutharasan, a kindhearted man.

Quick Biography

Complete NameShreekumar
Date of Birth12 July 1975
Age45 Years(in 2021)
Known forAnandham, Ahalya, and Bhandham

2, Nachathira

Role: Lead Role, Nachathira as Vennila, Mutharasan’s Second Wife. She is famous for spiritual prayers.

Quick Biography

Complete NameNachathira
Date of Birth5 February 1990
Age31 Years(in 2021)
Known forKida Poosari Magudi

3, Chaitra Reddy

Chaitra Reddy

Role: Chaitra Reddy as Swetha, want’s to marry Mutharasan to acquire his wealth, her plans had failed due to Chitra’s Ghost.

Quick Biography

Complete NameChaitra Reddy
Date of Birth23 July 1995
Age26 Years(in 2021)
Known forAvanu Matte Shravani, Rugged

4, Fathima Babu

Fathima Babu

Role: Fathima Babu as Neelambari, Mutharasan’s step-mother, tries to marry Swetha to Mutharasan but fails.

Quick Biography

Complete NameFathima Babu
Date of Birth26 December 1963
Age57 Years(in 2021)
Known forKalki, Gramam

5, Yamuna Chinnadurai

Yamuna Chinnadurai

Role: Yamuna Chinnadurai as Chitra, Mutharasan’s first wife, is killed by Neelambari and becomes a ghost. She protects Mutharasan from the evil attempts of Neelambari.

Quick Biography

Complete NameYamuna Chinnadurai
Date of Birth26 June 1989
Age32 Years(n 2021)
Known forSenthoora Poove

6, Surjith Ansary

Surjith Ansari

Role: Surjith Ansari as Gowtham, Janani’s Husband.

Quick Biography

Complete NameSurjith Ansari
Date of Birth29 July 1995
Age26 Years(in 2021)
Known forKula Deivam

7, Shalini Rajan

Role: Shalini Rajan as Janani,

Quick Biography

Complete NameShalini Rajan
Date of BirthNot Known
AgeNot Known
Known forYaaradi Nee Mohini

8, Minnal Deepa

Role: Minnal Deepa as Poongodhai, Neelambari’s first daughter.

Quick Biography

Complete NameMinnal Deepa
Date of Birth20 January 1985
Age35 Years(in 2021)
Known forMaayi

9, Bavithran


Role: Bavithran as Karthick, Neelambari’s Second Son.

Quick Biography

Complete NameBavithran
Date of Birth23 June
AgeNot Known
Known forKula Deivam

10, Arvind Kathare

Arvind Kathre

Role: Arvind Kathare as Azhagappan, Husband of Poongodhai.

Quick Biography

Complete NameArvind Kathare
Date of Birth31 March 1975
Age45 Years(in 2021)
Known forSenthoora Poove

Yaaradi Nee Mohini Cast(Past)

Murali KrishAnnamalai
VJ SasikalaNandhini
EgavalliGhost Mohini
Magima DeviRani
Akshaya KimmyAkshaya

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