Dirt Bike Movies from the 90s

Dirt bike movies from the 90s, 80s, & 70s.

The 90s were the best century for movies, lots of fantastic movies are born during this amazing decade, Pretty Women, Home Alone, Titanic, Clueless! We have endless names to consider the best movies of the 90s. Truly a golden era for all types of Movies isn’t it.

However, we are in search of the Best Dirt Bike Movies from the 90s, 80s,& 70s. I have listed the best 6 biker movies out of the bunch of motocross movies born during the decade of the 90s, 80s,& 70s.

1, On Any Sunday

The first film in our list of best Dirt bike movies from the 90s, 80s, & 70s we have an Acadamy Award winner, released in 1971. On Any Sunday is an American Documentary film about motocross directed by Bruce Brown. In this film, Brown clearly showcases how much the talent needs to be in dirt biking especially in different forms of racing. Different riders approach differently to motocross, here in this movie Mert Lawwill showed a business-like approach and David Aldana showed a carefree type of riding.

The movie stars Bruce Brown as narrator, Steve McQueen, Mert Lawwill, Malcolm Smith, and Paul Carruthers. This is the first time a team appeared with a relatively high-budget Motocross thriller film and got a much-appreciated result, On Any Sunday got Acadamy Award for Best documentary feature and four Oscar nominations.

On Any Sunday Poster
DirectorBruce Brown
ProducersBruce Brown, Steve McQueen
EditorBruce Brown, Brian King
Release Date1971
Running Time96 Minutes
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreThriller, Documentary, Sport
IMDb Rating7.8/10
Dave AldanaSelf
Mark BrelsfordSelf
Bruce BrownNarrator
Don CastroSelf
Jack DunnSelf
David EvansSelf
Gary FisherSelf
John ForkerSelf
Mike GibbonSelf
Frank GillespieSelf
Hawkeye HillbillySelf
Fred KolmanSelf
Mert LawwillSelf
Dick MannSelf
Whitey MartinoSelf
Keith MashburnSelf
Steve McQueenSelf

2, Spetters

The second film in our list of Dirt bike movies from the 90s & 80s is Spetters the movie released in 1980. It is a film directed by Paul Verhoeven, set in Holland with full of motocross riders, action scenes, and a complex portrayal of sexuality.

It is the story of Duch teenage motocross riders Rien and Hans and their mechanic Eef and how they realize the exact difference between dram and reality. The dirt bike riders Rien and Hans dreamed of fame, sex, and fortune and admire the motocross legend Gerrit Witkamp. They eventually meet Fientje and face the harsh reality of success, sex, and defeat.

Spetters Poster
Movie NameSpetters
DirectorPaul Verhoeven
ProducerJoop van den Ende
WritersGerard Soeteman, Jan Wolkers
EditorIne Schenkkan
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreDrama, Thriller, Sport
Release Date1980
Running Time1h 55m
IMDb Rating6.6/10
Hans van TongerenRien
Renée SoutendijkFientje
Toon AgterbergEef
Maarten SpanjerHans
Marianne BoyerMaya
Peter TuinmanJaap
Saskia van Basten-BatenburgTruus
Yvonne ValkenburgAnnette
Hans VeermanEef’s vader
Jeroen KrabbéFrans Henkhof
Rutger HauerGerrit Witkamp

3, The Thing With Two Heads

The Thing With Two Heads is an American Sci-Fi Comedy movie released in 1972. The movie stars Ray Milland, Rosey Grier as the main cast.

Though the theme of the movie is not motocross race, it shows a motorcycle chasing by more than 14 police cars, and every one of them destroyed by the race. The Thing With Two Heads is a Sci-fi comedy movie that follows a doctor who is forced to transplant the head of a racist onto the body of black death now an inmate. The movie is known for its excellent soundtrack and special effects produced by MGM records.

The Thing With Two Heads Poster
Movie NameThe Thing with Two Heads
DirectorLee Frost
ProducersWes Bishop, Jonathan Lawrence
WritersLee Frost, Wes Bishop
EditorEdward J. Forsyth
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreComedy, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Release DateJuly 19, 1972
Running Time90 minutes
IMDb Rating4.5/100
Roosevelt GrierJack Moss
Ray MillandMaxwell Kirshner
Don MarshallDr. Fred Williams
Roger PerryDr. Philip Desmond
Chelsea BrownLila
Kathrine BaumannPatricia
John DullaghanThomas
John BlissDonald
Bruce KimballPolice Lieutenant
Rick BakerGorilla

4, C.C And Company

The fourth film in our list of dirt bike movies from the 90s we have a biker film directed by Seymour Robbie released in 1970. The movie C.C And Company stars Joe Namath, Ann-Margret, and William Smith as main casts. C.C And Company follow a rebel biker.C. C. Ryder who saves a woman from his own biker gang.

C.C Raider rescues the journalist Ann from his own gang, CC Raider enters against the Biker Club “Heads Company” in a motocross race and wins the award money. When the biker gang kidnaps Ann, Raider ride back to save Ann.

C.C And Company Poster
Movie nameC.C And Company
DirectorSeymour Robbie
ProducersAllan Carr, Roger Smith
WritersRoger Smith
EditorFred Chulack
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreThriller, Sport
Release DateOctober 14, 1970
Running Time94 minutes
IMDb Rating4.8/10
Joe NamathC. C. Ryder
Ann MargretAnn McCalley
Jennifer BillingsleyPom Pom
William SmithMoon
Mike BattleRabbit
Greg MullaveyLizard
Teda BracciPig
Don ChastainEddie Ellis
Bruce GloverCaptain Midnight
Sid HaigCrow

5, Winners Take All

Winners Take All is one of the best motocross movies released in the 80s. Directed by Fritz Kiersch, the movie showcase two best friends Billy Robinson and Rick Melon, the two top riders, a local motocross competition that makes buddy’s rivalry.

The movie is full of drama, competition, rivalry, and all the colors of the excitement of motocross racing, and the thrill of victory. Take a time to look at the movie to watch.

Winners Take All Poster
Movie NameWinners Take All
DirectorFritz Kiersch
WritersEd Turner
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreThiller, Sport
Release DateFebruary 1987
Running Time1h 42 minutes
IMDb Rating6.2/10
Don Michael PaulRick Melon
Kathleen YorkJudy McCormick
Robert KrantzBad Billy Robinson
Deborah RichterCindy Wickes
Peter DeLuiseWally Briskin
Courtney GainsGoose Trammel
Paul HamptonFrank Bushing

6, The Dirt Bike Kid

The sixth and last movie in our list of best dirt bike movies from the 90s, 80s, & 70s we have an adventure dirt bike movie The Dirt Bike Kid, directed by Hoite Casto stars Peter Billingsley, Stuart Pankin, Anne Bloom, Patrick Collins, and Danny Breen.

The movie follows a boy Jack, who has a supercharged magic dirt bike.

Jack’s mother Anne sends him to buy groceries instead of buying groceries Jack buys a racing motorcycle he eventually notices that the bike he bought is self-aware. Anne is furious with Jack that he spend the money on a dirt bike. Jack becomes a hero when he saves the local hot dog stand from the clutches of corrupt big business.

The movie was released in the United States in 1985, and the dirt bike used in this movie is Yamaha YZ80. The actor Peter Billingsley acted as a biker kid steals the audience with his high energy acting and great delivery. It’s a worth watching movie if you have not seen it give it a watch.

You can watch this movie on Amazon

The Dirt Bike Kid Poster
Movie NameThe Dirt Bike Kid
DirectorHoite C. Caston
ProducerJulie Corman
WriterJulie Corman
EditorJeff Freeman
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreAdventure, Sport, Thriller
Release DateNovember 1, 1985
Running Time90 Minutes
IMDb Rating5.4/10
Peter BillingsleyJack Simmons
Stuart PankinMr. Hodgkins
Anne BloomJanet Simmons
Patrick CollinsMike
Daniel BreenFlaherty
Sage ParkerMazie Clavell
Chad SheetsBo
Gavin AllenMax
John William GaltSalt
Weasel ForshawBig Slime

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The Complete List of Dirt Bike Movies from the 90s

It is the list of movies in the 90s having a motocross biker appear in a significant scene.

Movie NameDirectorRelease Date
InfernoJohn G. AvildsenSeptember 25, 1999
Barb WireDavid HoganMay 3, 1996
Rumble in the BronxStanley Tong23 February 1996
The DemolitionistRobert KurtzmanMarch 10, 1995
Full ThrottleDerek Yee14 December 1995
14 December 1995Fritz KierschMarch 1995
Motorcycle GangJohn Milius1994
BoltHenri Colline1994
JailbreakersWilliam FriedkinSeptember 9, 1994
The Last BorderMika Kaurismäki20 August 1993
Caro diarioNanni Moretti12 November 1993
A Moment of Romance IIBenny Chan10 June 1993
Roadside ProphetsAbbe WoolMarch 27, 1992
The Triple CrossKinji Fukasaku1992
Beyond the LawLarry FergusonApril 22, 1993
Stone ColdCraig R. BaxleyMay 17, 1991
Cool as IceDavid KelloggOctober 18, 1991
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro ManSimon WincerAugust 23, 1991
Born to RideGraham BakerMay 3, 1991
Blood TiesBlood TiesMay 27, 1991
Masters of MenaceDaniel RaskovSeptember 7, 1990
I Bought a Vampire MotorcycleDirk Campbell1990
Don’t Tell Her It’s MeMalcolm MowbraySeptember 21, 1990
Cry-BabyJohn WatersApril 6, 1990

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