Every Time A Bell Rings

The movie “Every Time A Bell Rings” stars Erin Cahill, Ali Liebert, Wes Brown, and Brittany Ishibashi. Take a look at the detailed information about the movie cast, & crew, plot, release date, photos, and trailers.

‘Every Time A Bell Rings’ is the very first Original Christmas movie released on hallmark’s streaming platform “Hallmark Movies Now”. This movie is all about three sisters who reunite in their hometown after a long time and their search to find a family holiday tradition regarding the family’s wishing bell. The movie stars Erin Cahill, Brittany Ishibashi, Ali Liebert as sisters Charlotte, Emily, and Nora.

‘Every Time A Bell Rings’ is directed by Maclain Nelson, an actor, director, producer, and, writer. As a director, his notable films are, Once I Was a Beehive(2015), Dudes & Dragons(2015), Show Offs(2019). The written credits go to Audrey Shulman and the production crew includes executive producers Daniel Lewis, Erin Cahill, and J.R. “Rick” Carter.

‘Every Time A Bell Rings’ Plot

Three sisters Charlotte(Erin Cahill), Emily(Brittany Ishibashi), and Nora(Ali Liebert) are reunited in their hometown where they discover their family tradition about the family’s wishing bell, as they search for clues their bond rekindled and they find hope and healing.

‘Every Time A Bell Rings’ Main Cast

1, Erin Cahill

Erin Cahill on Every Time A Bell Rings(Source: Hallmark)

Erin Cahill is an actress born on 4 January 1980 in Stafford, Virginia, United States. Her acting career started with a role in the Fox kids TV series “Power Rangers Time Force”, as Jennifer ‘Jen Scotts. She played character roles in the crime drama series “Saving Grace” as Kendra Burke, and in the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” as Heather. Her other known recurring characters include Fox’s “Free Ride” as Amber Danwood, and ABC’s “Red Widow”.

For the hallmark, she starred in the films “A Timeless Christmas”, Love, Fall & Order, and “Last Vermont Christmas”

2, Brittany Ishibashi

Brittany Ishibashi on Every Time A Bell Rings(Source: Hallmark)

Brittany Ishibashi is an American actress born on 2 November 1980 in Orange, California, United States. She is known for various recurring roles in many television series. she played villain roles in Marvel’s “Runaways” as Tina Minoru and in Paramount’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows” as Karai. Her recent recurring appearances are for CBS “The Unicorn” and Netflix’s “Grace and Frankie”.

3, Ali Liebert

Ali Liebert on Every Time A Bell Rings(Source: Hallmark)

Ali Liebert is a Canadian actress born on August 20, 1981, in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. After attending the College of Performing Arts in Victoria she moved to Vancouver to pursue her acting career, her first breakthrough role was for a musical “‘A Flask of Bourbon” played the role of Veronica. Her known hallmark credits are “A Gift to Remember”, “Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2” and “Cooking with Love”.

‘Every Time A Bell Rings’ Full Cast List

  • Erin Cahill as Charlotte
  • Brittany Ishibashi as Emily
  • Ali Liebert as Nora
  • Bart Johnson as Robert
  • Wes Brown as Liam
  • Dee Wallace as Donna
  • Lyndie Greenwood as Maizy
  • Ryan Sands as Paul
  • Jessica Wilkinson as Cathie Brendel
  • Ritchie Montgomery as Captain Ron
  • K Steele as Celeste
  • Princess Elmore as Julie
  • Amia Edwards as Cheery Woman
  • Maury Morgan as Allison June Winslow
  • Miss Gloria as Summer Selby

Movie Details

Movie Name Every Time A Bell Rings
DirectorMaclain Nelson
ProducersErin Cahill, Daniel Lewis, J.R. “Rick” Carter
WritersAudrey Shulman
Country of OriginUnited States
GenreFamily, Drama
Release Date18 November 2021
Original NetworkHallmark Movies Now

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‘Every Time A Bell Rings’ Release Date

The movie ‘Every Time A Bell Rings’ is set to release on Thursday, November 18 on Hallmark Movies Now.



‘Every Time A Bell Rings’ Photos

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